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Nature of the ACCA P1 paper

ACCA P1 Paper – Governance, Risk and Ethics – aims to develop a student’s knowledge and the skills to be able to exercise professional judgement and ethics in practical situations which they will inevitably face as qualified accountants.
Add in the elements of a thorough knowledge and appreciation of internal controls, corporate responsibility and the management of risk and there you have a summary of the nature of the (relatively new, 2007) paper P1.

Structure of the ACCA P1 paper

Question 1 is a compulsory 50 mark question – between 500 and 700 words of information!  It has always been the case that question 1 is sub-divided into multiple parts ( typically 5 or 6 ) and always includes an element of ethics

The remaining 50 marks is allocated to a choice of 2 from 3 questions worth 25 marks each.



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